When your spreadsheet can't keep up

ERP helps support your business when a spreadsheet won't cut it anymore. It supports many of the key business processes that keep your business going and growing. It keeps track of your finances, inventory, sales and purchases. It can also track your fixed assents, handle your warehouse and service calls to customers, and a lot more. And all this with as many users as you like, from PC, browser or tablet.

Easy to use but full-featured Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Many people confuse ERP with accounting software. ERP is much more than that. It integrates all your processes. For example: posting a sales invoice will not only generate a pdf to send to your customer, but also update your General Ledger receivables, your VAT statement and your stock levels. It will help you plan your stock replenishment and give you up to date reports on your business goals. No more separate systems, spreadsheets and databases.

On-site setup and training by an experienced professional. Included in the price!

Most vendors offering cloud, subscription based business solutions point out that their offer has a far lower risk that traditional business software. With no up-front license costs, they point out, you don’t have to shell out up front for software of which you’re not sure it will work. And they’re right.

But what about the additional costs, costs for setup, training and support in going live? Consultants usually cost more than a thousand euros a day. So if you invest in two weeks consultancy, that’s still a

10.000 euro risk. So how is Zupgo different?

99,5% uptime guarantee with Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Microsoft Azure

Renting is the new buying! Why invest heavily in a server, installation, backups, maintenance and licence fees and so on, when you can get this out of the cloud for a fixed monthly per-user fee! You can try before you commit your business processes to the system, without capital investment and with the flexibility to scale up or down when required.

We only work with parnters that are dedicated to maintaining your solution in the cloud. This means we can guarantuee a 99,5% uptime.