ERP 2.0: standard solution, in the cloud

Tradionally ERP was something only for large companies. ERP was synonymous with large projets and larger budgets. And usually also over-budget and under-performing systems.

But ERP can also be done differently. By using the latest cloud technology ERP can be deployed within smaller companies. Cloud means less hassle and lower costs for infrastructure and mainenance. And by keeping to standard software as much as possible, the costs for implementing ERP can also be kept down.

IT is people

But the fact that a solution is standard and running in the cloud does not mean we can do without expertise. Translating your business process to a standard system requires deep knowlegde of both the technology and business aspects of the system. Zupgo offers this, included in the monthly price, so that you can get started without first spending tens of thousands of euro's. Zupgo makes the investment in time and effort because we are convinced that you will remain a satisfied customer for many years to come.

Our people

Bas Rittershaus has an MSc. in Management of Technology and has worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its predecessors for the past 14 years. He has fulfilled roles as functional and technical consultant, trainer, developer and analyst. His speciality is anything to do with logisitics, warehousing and production processes. For the last 8 years he has helped companies implement and run NAV as a freelancer, for both end users and other Microsoft partners. He lives in Utrecht and has recently attained a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy.

Marcel Ploeg is our financial guru. With almost 10 years experience as controller and finance manager, followed by more than 10 years experience as Dynamics NAV consultant, he knows all the ins and outs of complex finance questions and how to translate them into an optimal solution in the Dynamics NAV system.